Cert IV

Augustine Academy

Qualify for further study

The culmination of a great year with the Augustine Academy. Upon completion of Augustine Academy’s course in the Liberal Arts, students will be awarded a Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation. The Certificate IV is accredited by the Victorian Qualifications Authority (National Course Code: 22582VIC ). It is offered in partnership with Vision International College.

The course qualifies as full-time study and eligible students can claim youth allowance from CENTRELINK

  • Apply Faith to real world situations

  • Learn how Faith and Reason work together

  • Understand community and people around you

  • It is essential to learn in union with other disciplines

What is the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation

Course Code 22582VIC

The Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation provides an alternative pathway for those returning to study by supporting the development of academic and study skills to access higher level qualifications both in the VET sector and in Higher Education across a range of disciplines.

The term ‘Tertiary Studies’ as used within the context of this course refers to both higher education undergraduate study and higher level vocational (VET) courses of study. Students undertaking this course of study, will be better prepared for future training and education options. This accredited course is nationally recognised.

For further information please go to the Victorian Skills Gateway website at VIC.GOV.AU