A Treasure For Life

Amare veritatem est bona vita. (The love of truth is the good life.)

“Instruction in the liberal arts, if only it is moderate and concise, produces devotees more alert and steadfast and better equipped for embracing truth.”

—St. Augustine

Augustine Academy offers students aged 16+ a Certificate IV in tertiary preparation – through the Liberal Arts.* We begin our year of study in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome and continue through to the modern era, studying each period through the lenses of our core subjects: philosophy, literature, history and theology.

Through the study of the classical trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, students will learn clarity in thinking and expression, as they stand upon the shoulders of some of the greatest thinkers of the Western Liberal Arts tradition. 

The result is the rare possession of a broadened, cultivated mind with an appreciation for the treasures in thinking since the ancient Greeks. The capacity to think clearly and communicate concisely is vital for a fulfilling and dynamic career across multiple platforms. 

To read about the full list of nine subjects offered at Augustine Academy, go to Subjects.

*Offered in partnership with Vision International College. National Course Code: 22317VIC