Term Dates

There are four terms in the year, each five weeks long. Students will arrive by Monday at the beginning of each term, and return home after the last Friday of classes in the fifth week.

Classes take place from Monday — Friday each week. Students will be supervised by staff during the four weekends that they remain on campus each term.

Local students may opt to go home on weekends.

During the breaks between terms, the expectation is that students will complete the required reading for the upcoming term. There will also be some assignments due in the breaks.

The government considers this a full-time course, which means that students may be eligible for Youth Allowance from Centrelink (provided they meet other criteria about parental income).

2020 Term Dates

Orientation Week: Monday 2nd March — Sunday 8th March 

Term 1: Sunday 8th March — Friday 10th April 

Term 2: Monday 11th May — Friday 12th June

Term 3: Monday 10th August — Friday 11th September

Term 4: Monday 12th October — Friday 13th November