The Trivium

Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric are the three subjects that form the ‘Trivium’ of a traditional liberal arts education. These foundational subjects equip students with the tools of thinking clearly and communicating well. Logic and Grammar are studied in Term 1 and Rhetoric in Term 2 to give students maximum time to apply these useful skills to the rest of their studies.

Term 1 – Logic

Logic is the art of right thinking. It enables students to understand and critique arguments and better understand the logic sequence necessary for a valid argument. Weekly exercises hone students’ skills.

Term 1 – Grammar

Grammar is the art of arranging words properly. Students learn the parts of speech and how to combine them in sentences with a clear meaning. Students complete weekly exercises to practice what they learn in class.

Term 2 – Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the art of communication. Students study parts of Aristotle’s Rhetoric and excerpts from other famous rhetoricians throughout history. They have several opportunities to give speeches employing the different rhetorical techniques learned in class.