Music is one of the traditional seven liberal arts. The trivium was grammar, logic and rhetoric, upon which the quadrivium of geometry, arithmetic, astronomy and music built. The quadrivium subjects discern the spatial, numerical, physical and musical orders of the universe.

Each week students will have a combination of theoretical and practical learning. There will be a music theory seminar (1hr), and a workshop where they compose and practice instruments with the group (1hr), as well as other times for private practice and composition.



  • Music & the Liberal Arts (discovering the musical order of the universe)
  • Music history (periods, composers, famous works, and how these exhibit the worldviews of the time)
  • Music theory (chords, harmonising melodies, chord progressions, cadences, modulation)


  • Developing skills on a main instrument (students should have some familiarity on at least one instrument)
  • Opportunities to sing or play in groups (barbershop, SATB choir, combinations of instruments)
  • Composing music and playing it


  • There will be multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year: concerts for the other students at Augustine Academy, performances for friends and family at the Talent Night, and a concert tour down the east coast.
  • Excursions with music teachers to world-class concerts at the Sydney Opera House (optional, with ticket price covered by student)