These are the subjects offered at Augustine Academy. For details on which subjects are compulsory and which are electives, see Course Information.

The Trivium

Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric are the three subjects that form the ‘Trivium’ of a traditional liberal arts education. This foundational subjects equip students with the tools of thinking clearly and communicating well.


Term 1 – History of Antiquity This unit begins with a study of ancient Greek culture, focusing on their art, religion, politics and warfare. Students will learn why the Greeks had such a lasting influence on Western civilization. The public and private life of Alexander the Great will explored in first term. By contrasting a number … Continue reading History


Term 1 – Greek and Roman Literature of Antiquity Students will be introduced to the great mythologies of antiquity. Starting with the earliest Greek poets such as Homer and Hesiod, the course progresses through to Virgil’s recounting of the founding of Rome. The stories of Icarus, Pandora, Myramus and Thisbee, Cupid and Psyche are included in … Continue reading Literature


Philosophy is the love of wisdom. It asks the big questions about the universe, human nature and God.

Drama & Debating

Drama is the study of the human condition through acting and the creating of a story and a character apart from oneself. Theatre was invented by the Ancient Greeks and forms an integral part of the discipline of the liberal arts. At Augustine Academy, students participate in the production of an end of year play. They practice the … Continue reading Drama & Debating


Why study Theology? Is there a God? Is God good? Is the Bible true? How can I understand Scripture? What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? These are just some of the questions that theology seeks to answer. At Augustine Academy, we begin by exploring the truth of the Bible and the … Continue reading Theology


Learn about the beauty of the natural order in a hands-on way.