These are the subjects offered at Augustine Academy. For details on which subjects are compulsory and which are electives, see Course Information.

The Trivium

Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric are the three subjects that form the ‘Trivium’ of a traditional liberal arts education. This foundational subjects equip students with the tools of thinking clearly and communicating well.


Philosophy is the love of wisdom. It asks the big questions about the universe, human nature and God.


Theology is the ‘Queen of the Sciences’. It perfects and completes knowledge in all other subjects.


Learn about the beauty of the natural order in a hands-on way.


Music is one of the traditional seven liberal arts, which discerns the musical order of the universe.


Science explores the physical order of the universe. It is one of the traditional seven liberal arts and is one of the four ‘quadrivium’ subjects alongside arithmetic, geometry and music.


Arithmetic and geometry are two of the seven traditional liberal arts. They discern the numerical and spatial orders of the universe.