Course Information

Augustine Academy offers a one-year course in the Liberal Arts. The core disciplines, history, literature and philosophy, are studied over the course of the year, alongside additional subjects in grammar, logic, rhetoric, debating and drama, with the option to take electives in theology, science, mathematics, music and agriculture.

The core disciplines are integrated in such a way that students study the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations in history, alongside the literature of that period from writers like Homer and Virgil, as well as the classical philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. The course will proceed in this way through to the present day.

Students may choose to take only elective subjects, but these would not contribute towards a Certificate IV in the Liberal Arts.

Core disciplines: History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology

These subjects are compulsory and are studied for the whole year. Each subject has a 1hr lecture and 1hr tutorial each week, as well as scheduled study help groups. These subjects constitute the Certificate IV in the Liberal Arts.

Minor disciplines: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Drama, Debating
These subjects are compulsory and studied for one term each.

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