Alpine Week

At Augustine Academy, students are given the opportunity to spend one week each term in Jindabyne, a small alpine town on the edge of lake Jindabyne and at the bottom of Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko. Alongside their usual classes, students will have the opportunity to hike up Mt Kosciuszko, toboggan down ski slopes, enjoy bushwalks by the Thredbo River, and spend their free time kayaking on the lake. Whilst our academic studies enable students to discipline their minds and intellectually grasp the principles of truth, beauty, and goodness, mountaineering affords students the chance to challenge themselves physically and gain experiential knowledge of the beauty and goodness of the created world. Alpine week is integral to the well-rounded formation of Augustine Academy students, taking them into a physically immersive context in which they have the opportunity to appreciate the natural wonders of the created world and continue their learning in a different environment.