Academic Staff

Benjamin McCabe
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA), MA (English Lit) (USYD), Cert IV (Training & Assessment)

Director of Augustine Academy
Lecturer in Literature, Theology, Agriculture

Phone:  0450 729 077

Ben edited

Ben McCabe completed his studies at Acts 2 College of Mission and Evangelisation in 2009, after which he left Perth to study at Campion College in Sydney. During his studies he spent six months studying abroad in Canada at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at Campion in 2013. In 2018 he was awarded his Master of Arts in literature from the University of Sydney.

He has a wide range of teaching experience, having taught English at schools in Kenya in 2010 and Tanzania in 2014. For the past two years he has taught homeschool classes throughout NSW. In 2015 Ben was employed as a tutor at the University of Sydney, where he taught Renaissance English literature.

His areas of research interest are: Arthurian legends and the development of the chivalric code, Christian allegory in medieval literature, the shift of heroic archetypes in old and middle English, the eighteenth century Romantic poets.

Eliza Fulton
BA (Philosophy) (UNDA)

Lecturer in Philosophy, Theology & Logic


Eliza completed her Bachelor of Philosophy in 2018 at the University of Notre Dame Sydney, where she was also elected Student Representative for the School of Philosophy. She is currently completing her honours thesis in Philosophy, focussing on the applicability of John Paul II’s personalism in the context of home-schooling.

In July 2019 she attended the Hildebrand Summer Seminar at the Franciscan University of Steubenville studying virtue ethics and ideas of the human person throughout the history of philosophy.

For the past four years she has tutored HSC English and History, as well as teaching  philosophy and theology with Notre Dame’s Logos for Schools program.

Her areas of research interest include the philosophy of the human person, metaphysics, phenomenology, existentialism, and the philosophy of education. She is particularly passionate about alternative education approaches that encourage students to form self-reflective and critical thinking skills.

Robert van Gend
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA), MPhil (UNDA), LMusA (violin), Cert IV (Training & Assessment)

Dean of Studies
Lecturer in Philosophy


Rob edited

Robert was awarded an Australian Student Prize in 2011 and graduated from Campion College, Sydney in 2014 with the College Medal for the Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts), majoring in Philosophy, History and Latin. In 2015 he presented a paper on ‘The Christian View of Cosmic History’ at a colloquium run by the Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies in Tasmania, which was later published in Dangerous Ideas (Connor Court, 2017). He is also a published author in the field of mathematics and music and he was awarded an unconditional pass for his Masters thesis on the mind-body problem at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.

Monica van Gend
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA)

Lecturer in History



Monica graduated from Campion College with a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts in 2016. Studying Literature, Philosophy, Theology and History, she specialised in History and Theology. In her final year of study she spent a month in Rome undertaking an intensive unit on the literature of Rome, ancient to modern. While at Campion Monica received the Hildebrand scholarship for academic excellence and was on the Dean’s list of merit for academic excellence every semester. In 2015 Monica won the Sister Lorna O’Brien Medieval History prize for achieving the highest mark in Medieval History.

Since graduating Monica has been working as a Senior Residential Tutor at Campion College. She has worked as a tutor in English since 2014 and has also worked as a dance teacher since 2012.

Monica is currently studying a Master of Liberal Arts, specialising in Theology, at the University of Notre Dame.

Paul Hoare
BTh (University of Divinity), MCouns (Monash)

Lecturer in Theology


Hugh Beresford

Lecturer in Music


Hugh completed his Bachelor of Arts in the Christian Humanities at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Ontario, Canada, with a concentration in philosophy. Classically trained through the Royal Conservatory of Music, Hugh received first class honours with distinction for both his grade 8 piano and music theory and won 1st place over 10 times for classical piano in Kiwanis Music Festivals. Currently his instrument of choice is the guitar but he also plays the banjo, ukulele, fiddle, and Irish bouzouki proficiently. In addition to writing his own songs, Hugh has been teaching guitar encouraging a strong understanding of the aural transmission of music with his students. As a craftsman, Hugh has worked for over 8 years building everything from timber frame homes to end tables to designing and making his own guitar.