Academic Staff

Benjamin McCabe
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA), Cert IV (Training & Assessment)

Director of Augustine Academy
Lecturer in Literature

Phone:  0450 729 077

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Ben McCabe completed his studies at Acts 2 College of Mission and Evangelisation in 2009, after which he left Perth to study at Campion College in Sydney. During his studies he spent six months studying abroad in Canada at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at Campion in 2013. He is currently completing his Master of Arts in literature at the University of Sydney.

He has a wide range of teaching experience, having taught English at schools in Kenya in 2010 and Tanzania in 2014. For the past two years he has taught homeschool classes throughout NSW. In 2015 Ben was employed as a tutor at the University of Sydney, where he taught Renaissance English literature.

His areas of research interest are: Arthurian legends and the development of the chivalric code, Christian allegory in medieval literature, the shift of heroic archetypes in old and middle English, the eighteenth century Romantic poets.

Robert van Gend
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA), LMusA (violin), Cert IV (Training & Assessment)

Dean of Studies
Lecturer in Philosophy


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Robert was awarded an Australian Student Prize in 2011 and graduated from Campion College, Sydney in 2014 with the College Medal for the Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts), majoring in Philosophy, History and Latin. In 2015 he presented a paper on ‘The Christian View of Cosmic History’ at a colloquium run by the Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies in Tasmania, which was later published in Dangerous Ideas (Connor Court, 2017). He is also a published author in the field of mathematics and music and he is currently writing a thesis on the mind-body problem for a Master of Philosophy degree at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.

Monica Vieira
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA)

Lecturer in History


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Monica graduated from Campion College with a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts in 2016. Studying Literature, Philosophy, Theology and History, she specialised in History and Theology. In her final year of study she spent a month in Rome undertaking an intensive unit on the literature of Rome, ancient to modern. While at Campion Monica received the Hildebrand scholarship for academic excellence and was on the Dean’s list of merit for academic excellence every semester. In 2015 Monica won the Sister Lorna O’Brien Medieval History prize for achieving the highest mark in Medieval History.

Since graduating Monica has been working as a Senior Residential Tutor at Campion College. She has worked as a tutor in English since 2014 and has also worked as a dance teacher since 2012.

Monica is currently studying a Master of Liberal Arts, specialising in Theology, at the University of Notre Dame.

Gemma McKee
Cert IV (Lib Arts)

Lecturer in Formal Logic and History


Gemma McKee completed a Certificate IV in the Liberal Arts at Augustine Academy in 2016 and received the academic award of Dux. During her time at the Academy she developed a keen interest in the liberal arts and a love of learning.  She hopes to help others encounter the same love of truth and to help them seek out the deeply rooted, rational truths upon which a Christian worldview is founded.  She enjoyed her homeschool education, particularly as it allowed her to form her ideas, character and faith in a broader context of learning and life experiences than were available in mainstream education.  Her interests include theology, philosophy, debating, swing dancing and horse riding. 

Sessional Academic Staff


Miriam Makowiecki
BA (Lib Arts) (CCA)

Lecturer in Grammar and Rhetoric


Having finished school Miriam attended Campion College, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts. During her time at Campion Miriam commenced study in Latin, which she quickly grew to love.

After graduating, Miriam taught high school Latin for two and a half years at Tangara School for Girls, and in addition to this, tutored first and second year Latin at Campion College for two years. Miriam also has experience in private tutoring in maths and English.

In July 2016 Miriam took on a new role and became mother to little Seraphim.

Miriam is in the process of finishing a Masters of Teaching through the University of New England.

Patrick McCabe
BA (History & Theology) (UNDA)

Lecturer in History

2011 College 241

Patrick McCabe completed a Certificate IV in Pastoral Care in 2008 at the Acts 2 Come College of Mission and Evangelisation. Following this he studied archaeology at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle and at Edith Cowen University. Patrick has spent time in Israel working as an archaeologist and exploring Middle Eastern history and culture. In 2010 he spent time in Tanzania teaching English at an orphanage. Patrick spent three years discerning his vocation within the religious order Missionaries of God’s Love, during which time he studied at the University of Divinity in Melbourne, where he received a Diploma in Theology. For two years he was the chaplain at the Marist College and Saint Edmunds College in Canberra, where he taught history and religion. Patrick has an interest in researching the connection between religion and ritual, with a focus on Judaic symbolism. His studies in archeology have been directed towards varying anthropological theories of ancient culture.

Jacob Fulop
MA (Theology) (UNDA), BA (Lib Arts) (CCA)

Lecturer in History

Jacob completed his Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts) at Campion College, majoring in history and theology. In 2016, he completed his Master of Arts (Theology) at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also a tutor in the School of Philosophy and Theology.

His major research interests are the metaphysics of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, and the historical development of Christian doctrine.

Anna Beresford

Lecturer in History and Rhetoric

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Anna is currently doing her Master of Arts in the Interdisciplinary Humanities at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada, which is a program that integrates the study of Philosophy, English, and History at the graduate level. Her current research is mainly in the analytic philosophical tradition specifically in the areas of philosophy of religion and philosophy of science. Her main area of interest is in Ancient Philosophy as it is portrayed through works of literature, particularly through tragedy. She intends to write her MA thesis in this field. Additionally, she is working as a research assistant on “Bridging Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities,” a research project funded by the Templeton Foundation at the University of Oxford.

Anna started her undergraduate degree at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, a liberal arts school in Northern Ontario. She studied Theology, History, English, Philosophy and Latin. She transferred to Tyndale University in Toronto Ontario to finish her bachelor’s degree, where she doubled majored in philosophy and English. Anna spent a semester at Oxford University, where she studied Renaissance drama, with a particular focus on Shakespeare.

Anna is an experienced teacher. Most recently she has taught courses in Aristotelian Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, and History of Philosophy.

David Pullella

Lecturer in Formal Logic

David completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Engineering Science at the University of Western Australia, and has deferred his assured pathway into a MPE (Masters of Professional Engineering).

As well as a love for the sciences and mathematics David was homeschooled and was privileged to study a classical curriculum. He developed a passion for Latin, Classical Logic, Rhetoric and Literature. He also had the opportunity to foster his love for the Italian language and culture within his schooling and Bachelors degree.

He is currently serving his second year of full time voluntary work with Youth Mission Team Australia as a youth worker in Christian high schools in the Illawarra region. In this time he has developed a heart for investing in young people and for youth ministry.

David has a range of tutoring experience in mathematics, literature and languages. He also has work experience in sports coaching, agriculture and construction. He hopes to complete his Masters degree after this year of voluntary work and explore the potential of integrating his engineering qualifications with his passion for agriculture and the land.